Digital Catalogue of Festivals



Data about the counting and assessment of the festivals in Varna in 2013

Варна рок фест, личен архив на Нелко Коларов
Варна рок фест, личен архив на Нелко Коларов
Facebook reminded of a questionnaire eight years ago among creators and experts in Varna from the following groups:
artistic activities - 33;
study of culture and the arts - 13;
public administration and policy - 9;
tourism - 6;
education, advertising, media, managers in culture, technologies, PR experts - 13. 
The first scheme reflects the answers to three questions:
Which festival in Varna is the most successful?
Which festival in Varna is the most preferred?
Which festival in Varna is the most necessary?
The informants had to choose five from each group in an attached list of 26 festivals.
The second scheme reflects an integrated assessments of the significance of the festival events in Varna.
This is also a specific initial image of a future rating of the festivals in Varna, and can also be about all the country. In this case only collective inclinations are registered - to a large degree spontaneously formed and expressed, but unquestionably - indicative. Of course, the reasons should be much more complex and should integrate different aesthetic, social and economic indicators.
The first places are taken by three festivals, which durably and multi-directionally are related to the life of the city. They, on their part, are divided into two subgroups. The first of them includes:
International Music Festival "Varna Summer"
International Ballet Competition - Varna
International Theater Festival "Varna Summer"
Such an assessment is not a surprise for the first two, but the third one, the Theater "Varna Summer" shows that for its comparatively short existence, it reflects a successful model, which deserves to be specially studied.
The second group includes predominantly events which have durably occupied a place in the cultural calendar of Varna:
International Puppet Festival "The Golden Dolphin";
International film festival "Love is Folly";
Bulgarian Film festival "Golden Rose".
"The Golden Dolphin" corresponds to the care for the children. The two film festivals, though created at different times, and in different social and economic conditions, affirm the idea of Varna as a capital city of the national and world showing of films.
The third group in the scale of preferences includes seven diverse in form and traditions events:
International Jazz Festival "Varna Summer";
Biannual of the visual arts "August in the Arts";
World Festival of the Animated Film;
International biannual of Print;
International May Choir Competition "Prof. Georgi Dimitrov";
International Folklore Festival - Varna;
International Fair of the Crafts and Arts.
The first two were created during the last two decades and present the modern jazz and visual arts. The Animated Film Festival till its cancelling in 1989, had un unquestionable reputation in the world, but after its re-establishing in 2011 it is still looking for its audience. The Biannual of Print, since its creation in 1981, targets a more specialized audience and to a certain degree logically is behind in the preferences. The May Choir Competition, regardless of its fifty-year-long history, has rarer participation of Bulgarian choirs and logical decreasing popularity. the Folklore Festival, whose beginning is in 1992, round up the third group of events. the traditional crafts, cultural and creative industries places in the peak of the tourist season in August, have the potential for development. 
The fourth group of festivals is formed by:
European Music Festival
International Music Festival "Discovery"
The European music festival fills in the cultural calendar of Varna in the period March - May. Its comparatively modest presentation in the questionnaire is due to the way proceeds. Spread in two months with about 7-8 events ,part of which rely on stars with world-wide popularity, the European Music Festival looks rather like a thematic musical season, than an event, which in a predictable period concentrates certain artistic energy. The Festival "Discovery", engaged with the cause of encouraging young pop musicians and the presentation of affirmed representatives of the genre, obviously needs a more active dialogue with the local community so that it identifies in it important for the city messages.
The rest of the festivals, included in the answers of the informants, have a little importance so they are not analyzed.