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Международен фестивал за съвременно изкуство CONTEMPO

Activity Cancelled
Founded 2009
Location Varna
First edition in Varna 2009
Last edition in Varna 2016
Frequency of occurrence twice every year
Month April – October
Usual duration 1-4 days
Type visual arts
Regulations representative
Audience specialized
Content experimental
Range international
Organizer a non-profit organization
Type of participants professionals
Places in halls
Access free of charge
Official website

The idea for the creation of the Festival was given by the artist Raya Georgieva /1978 – 2009/. It was organized by the Foundation “Raya Georgieva” in cooperation and with the support of the private and municipal art galleries in Varna, cultural partnerships in the sphere of the creative industries, informal civil organizations. It addressed young authors up to the age of 35, encouraged experimental genres, developed the international cultural exchange. It also supported young managers with knowledge and successful practices in the sphere of the organization of artistic events and promoted the collecting of contemporary art. 


“Contempo” had two parts: Festival for Contemporary Art, which was held in spring or autumn, with the parallel event of an international symposium for sculpture in stone and wood /in two consequent editions, the created works of art being donated to the city/ and an educational panel “Contempo.lab” – a blitz training in art management for young artists and cultural workers. 


The events were in the Gallery “Bulart”, the City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev”, the Gallery “Papiyon”, Radio Varna, Gallery 8, Gallery “Graffit”, the Photography Center “Sea Blue”, Mall Varna, the Gallery “Tereza”, the Regional Library “Pencho Slaveykov”, the Sea Casino, the Gallery “Arhis”, central subway, the National School of the Arts “Dobri Hristov”, Stalker Studio, the Festival and Congress Center, the Gallery 10, the south beach etc.

Editions in Varna 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016