Digital Catalogue of Festivals


International Folklore Festival DOBRUZHA SINGS AND DANCES

Activity Cancelled
Founded 1996
Location Varna
First edition in Varna 1996
Last edition in Varna 2005
Frequency of occurrence every year
Month August – September
Usual duration 1-4 days
Type heritage
Regulations representative
Audience for all
Content traditional
Range international
Organizer a state cultural institute
Type of participants amateurs
Places in the open
Access free of charge

The initiator of the Festival was Radio Varna jointly with the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. The program presented amateur ensembles and Bulgarian communities abroad. Within the framework of the Festival there were organized conferences, discussions and exhibitions, dedicated to the popularization of the Bulgarian folklore beyond the borders of Bulgaria. 


It is held in the tourist complexes near Varna, and after 2002 basically in the Resort Complex “Albena”.

Editions in Varna 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005

2002 - 6 - 8 September

2004 September