Digital Catalogue of Festivals



Author: Lyubomir Kutin

Publisher: MC

Soft cover

Subject: Arts and arts sciences

Pages: 234

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Initially the text was intended as the second and revised edition of The Festival as a Phenomenon of Art Culture. Consequently, in the process of work on it, a new form emerged. The syn-thesis of the ideas in several editions, created autonomously and in co-authorship during the period 2007-2015, required a new form and content. Some of them are intended for teaching stu-dents. Other texts are focused on the applications of the Bulgari-an cities for the European Capitals of Culture in 2019 and the rationalization of the largest in scale common European cultural initiative. There were also situations, related to suggestions to the competent state organs and local administrations. They were accompanied with actions directed to the mapping of festivals in Bulgaria, including the preparation of the National Strategy for Culture. Meanwhile I prepared more theoretically based publications. Why “The World of Festivals”? Because answers are sought of the question what leads to the multiplying number of festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. On the other hand, an attempt has been made at clarifying the festival events which create their own au-tonomous world, comparatively barely rationalized by the con-temporary liberal arts, public administration and the very organiz-ers. A similar multi-faceted task is unachievable in the modest volume of the edition, but it systematizes a large part of the ideas shared on different occasions during the last years. Part of the ideas are presented thesis-like and would justifiably cause disa-greement. In this case, it is more important to outline problematic fields which give ground for debating. The presented text aims at orienting the contemporary reader in the galloping diversity of different in kind aesthetic holidays. Furthermore, it is intended to support the work of experts, organizers, managers of festivals for whom the finding of competent, sustainable and plausible so-lutions is a serious challenge in their routine work.