Digital Catalogue of Festivals



On 11 August the first award-winners were announced at the Festival of the Bulgarian Film "Golden Rose"

In its issue of 12 August 1961, “Narodna Kultura” newspaper marks the opportunity for a more active dialogue of the Bulgarian film-makers with their audiences. It also positively assesses the popularization of the Bulgarian films among the foreign visitors. The Festival achieved unquestionable economic effects as well. The daily visits to the cinemas in the city increased from 9,300 visitors to 17,300 in the out-of-the festival period. For the popularization of the event there was contribution from the nearby cities which specially sent artists from Kolarovgrad /present-day Shumen, Tolbuhin /present-day Dobrich/, Targovishte, Provadiya and Silistra for the needs of more embracing advertising. We have to remind that in those days, each cinema had a specially employed artist, who painted informational canvasses of the projected films.


At the same time there were critics of the conditions of the sound equipment in the basic festival cinema “Republic”. There was a recommendation for organizing questionnaires, in which the spectators could assess not only all films, but the separate films a swell. Thus there would a possibility to make precise assessment of the content of the Festival program.


According to the statutes, the prizes were allocated in two categories: for the whole creation of a film /feature, multi-applying, documentary and popular-science/ and for individual events in the feature films. The most prizes were won by the film “But We were Young”, director Bienka Zhelyazkova based on the storyline by Hristo Piskov. The inclusin of an awarded film in the category “modern theme” was a specific requirement on the part of the state to the Bulgarian film-makers to look for topical film themes more actively.


Among the award-bearers of individual prizes were Yanko Yankov for the film “The Steep Path”, Vasil Holiolchev for “But we Were Young”, Georgi Alurkov and T. Stoyanov, Lyudmila Cheshmedzheva for the role of Tsveta in the same film. Special attention should be paid to the free male roles: Asen Milanov for the role of Major Terziev in the film “The End of the Road, Georgi Georgiev, for overall presentation and Kosta Tsonev for the role of Major Panov in “The Night before 13”. In the photo: a working moment of the film “But We were young” – archives of the Bulgarian National Film Archives.

На снимката: работен момент от филма "А бяхме млади" - архив на Българска национална филмотека.