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“The Alley of the Book” in Varna

From 30 July to 8 August, Varna is the host of the 12 th edition of “The Alley of the Book”. The Largo between the entrance to the Sea Garden and the “Black Sea” hotel presents new editions not only on the shelves, but also at meetings with their creators. The organizers from the “Bulgarian Book” Association and the Varna Municipality expect still more visitors to show curiosity to reading. Photos: Mariya Mincheva – a trainee in the program “University Students’ Practices”. Here are some details:


30 July (Friday)

 18.00 Official opening of the Alley of the Book 2021

 19.00 Presentation of the book “Reasons for Return” by Abo. Travel book about Peru and Bolivia.

Presenter – “Riva” Publisher



31 July (Saturday)

 18.00 Big Art Salon, Radio Varna, Premiere of the book “The Translator of the World” by Tea Moneva

Presenter – “Zhanet 45”Publisher

 18.00 Presentation of the biographic book by Elitsa Todorova “With Rhythm and Love” with the participation of the author “Heliopol” Publisher

“Heliopol” Publisher

 19.00 Presentation of the book “Running to Yourself” by Daniel Penev and Krasi Georgiev with the participation of Krasi Georgiev. 

Publisher “AMG Publishing”

 19.00 Tent No2, Books with an autograph by Angel G. Angelov, author of the collection “Sudden Good-bye” (was awarded the “Milosh Zyapkov” Prize) and the novel “The Journey”

Presenter – “Hermes” Publisher



1 August (Sunday)

 18.30 Tent No12, Meeting with an autograph with Aleksandar Gabrovski

Presenter – “Zhanet 45”Publisher 

 18.30 “Menthol” Club, “The Food as Way of Usage, or Gourmet for Advanced” compiled by Svetlozar Zhelev

Presenter: “Kolibri” Publisher

 19.00 “My Tears on the Dawn Grass” by Georgi A. Ivanov – a poetic and musical debut (presentation of the eponymous book and song – composer Krasimir Gyulmezov). The song is a musical single to the eponymous debut book, embodying the theme of maturing and spiritual growth through love. 

“KVC” Publisher



2 August (Monday)

 18.00 Presentation of two monographs, entitled: “Ivan Peev Plachkov (1864-1942). An enlightener and publicist” and “The Firmilianov Question. The Spiritual Battle for the “Door” of Macedonia (1897 – 1902)”, their author is Prof. Milko Stoyanov Palangurski PhD in History (deputy rector of the scientific work of the Veliko Tarnovo University).       

University Publisher “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” – Veliko Tarnovo

 18.30 Festival and Congress Center, Premiere of the biographical novel about the artist Nikola Manev “I Live in Light” with the participation of the author Isak Gozes and the editor of the book and manager of publishing House “Hermes” Stoyo Vartolomeev

Presenter – “Hermes” Publisher

 18:30 Морско казино, „Моята булчинска рокля“, съставител Жанина Драгостинова

Presenter: “Kolibri” Publisher 

19.00 Presentation of the Literary Club “Orbit” – Varna and a conversation about topical literary titles.

Presenter – “Orbit” Literary club


3 August

 18.00 “About the Power of the Short Stories” – Dogo Tankart and Damyan D. Reynov present their debut collections “Stunted Senses” and “The Inspiration of the Artist”

Presenter – “Lemur” Publisher 

 18.30 The courtyard of the Archeological Museum, “Records of Chateau de Lacroux” by Mariya Kasimova-Moase    

Presenter: “Kolibri” Publisher 

 19.00 Presentation of the books “Overthrown” and “Autumn Easter” by Petar Chuhov

Presenter – “Zhanet 45”Publisher 



4 August (Wednesday)

 18.00 Presentation of the book “Concise Book of Muscles” by Chris Jarmey.

A detailed and practical reference book with over 500 illustrations, tables for quick reference, a full profile of every muscle, exercises for stretching, agility and strengthening.

Presenter – “Atea” Publisher

 18.00 Art Salon of Radio Varna. A meeting-discussion “GLORIOUS BULGARIANS” with eminent authors and scientists, connected to new research and facts about the Bulgarian history and culture: Svetlozar Popov, Yani Yanev, Pavel Serafimov, Aleksandar Moshev, Ani Vasileva and Yordan Yordanov.

Presenter – “Atea” Publisher 

 19.00 Presentation of the novel “Born on Easter” by Boyka Asiova

Presenter – “Zhanet 45”Publisher 

 19.00 Tent No2, Books with autograph by Elitsa Videnova, author of the collection of poems “Bread For Tomorrow”

Presenter – “Hermes” Publisher

 20.00 Project “Insights of the Bulgarians”. Why is Rakovski needed today by the Bulgarians and what does he want to tell them? 

“Heliopol” Publisher



5 August (Thursday)

 10.30 “Conch” Stage, Children’s Book Party – “How to Make a Children’s Book”. 

Premiere of the quarterlogy “The Fourth Unknown” by the writer Asen Sirakov, a quiz with prizes – books and many surprises. Animation and children’s discotheque 

Presenter – “Atea” Publisher

 18.00 Premiere of the novel “With Love, Aleksandar” by Katya Karaivanova.

Presenter – “Hermes” Publisher

19.00 Presentation of the collection of short stories “Come and Save Me” by Emiliya Milcheva

Presenter – “Zhanet 45”Publisher 

 19.00 Bookshop CIELA – Festival and Congress Center, Meeting with an autograph with Viktoriya Beshliyska, author of “Clay”. 

Presenter – “Softpress” Publisher

 19.00 Concert Studio of Radio Varna, The Sensitive Olga Tokarczuk – a conversation about the first book by Tokarchuk, after the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2019 – a collection of essays “The Sensitive Narrator”.

With the participation of translator Krum Krumov and editor Nevena Dishlieva.

Moderator: Dilyana Deneva (“I Read”)

Представя издателство „ICU 

 20.00 Presentation of “General Theory of Education” – systems and modules by Yordan Yordanov. New methods and approaches in the Educational System.

Presenter – “Atea” Publisher



6 August (Friday)

 11.00 Tent No3, Meeting with an autograph with Asen Sirakov. Author of the quarterology “The Fourth Unknown” and the two- volume book “How to live with Our Crazy Better Half”

Presenter – “Atea” Publisher

 17.00 Presentation of “The Secret Code of the Bulgarian Woodcarvers” by Prof. Valentin Angelov. There will be a presentation of the collection “Bulgarian Historical Readings” 2016 – 2020 as well.

Publisher – “Inle”

 18.00 Asen Sirakov “How to Live with Our Better Half” – the intricacies in the relationships between a man and a woman. Instructions for damage-free mutual existence.

Presenter – “Atea” Publisher

 18.30 Tent No5, Meeting with an autograph with the popular Bulgarian author Monika Vasileva and presentation of her new book “Diary of the Woman-Creator”.

Presenter – “AMG Publishing”

 19.00 Presentation of the books “Omar’s Letters to His Future Wife” and “Zorbas’s Cousin” by Irena Ivanova

Presenter – “Zhanet 45”Publisher

 19.00 Tent No2, Books with an autograph by Katya Karaivanova, author of “With love, Aleksandar”

Presenter – “Hermes” Publisher

 20.00 Presentation of the novel “Kaloyan the Holy-See Crowned” by Vasil Lazarov, who takes the reader to the end of 12 th and the beginning of 13 th centuries and traces the life of the future Bulgarian Tsar Kaloyan.

Presenter – “Lexicon” publisher




7 August (Saturday)

 18.00 presentation of the books “Who is running for Fish” and “Little Window” by Petya Aleksandrova

Presenter – “Ina” Publisher 

 18.30 tent No12, meeting with an autograph with Vladimir Salov

Presenter – “Zhanet 45”Publisher

 18.30 Radio Varna – Art Salon, Big Hall, Premiere of “Overturned Stars” by Demetra Duleva

Presenter – “Hermes” Publisher

 19.00 Presentation of the book “Aphorisms by Well (Un)known characters” by Delyan Zahariev.

Presenter – “Kibea” Publisher

 20.00 meeting with the writer Marin Urumov and presentation of the collection of short stories “Lolita from Reduta”

Presenter – “Uniscorp” Publisher



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* If something else is not announced, the events take place at the yellow tent of the Literary corner on the pedestrian zone on “Slivnitsa” Blvd., near the crossing with “Stefan Karadzha” Str.

** All events within the framework of the Cultural program of the Alley of the Book – Varna are of free entry

*** Alley of the Book – Varna 2021 will be held with the strict observation of the anti-epidemic measures.